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Sunday, July 3, 2011

It was still pretty early after Matapa, so I decided to bike around a bit and take a different way back. As I stood by a junction looking at my map, I saw two guys drinking on their porch, so I asked them if there is anything interesting nearby. Apparently, there isn't much. One of them, when finding out I was from Canada, really wanted me to send him these "white cricket balls" he liked from there (he confirmed they are not baseballs). I really don't think I'd find them with that description, but he gave me his address to send them to if I do find them. He told me to address the package to Hon. O. Talafasi. Was he Opili Talafasi, elected to the village seat of Hikutavake (winning with total of 15 votes in the general elections)? Apparently, there was an incident where his son's house was burned down a few weeks ago by the opposition or something like that...