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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I didn't take a photo of the back, but this is a copy of the map of Alofi I found online. Since I relied of these two maps quite a bit for the week, it triggers very fond memories when I look at these maps.
Here's my trusty map for a week - it definitely had the best info of any of the other maps I've seen - I guess Niue is just a bit out of the way and not very well covered by a lot of the other resources. I added a few interesting annotations to the map as I learned more about Niue, such as "Tapu in centre, beyond ancient wall" to Huvalu Forest.
On the flight back, I was amused to see Shortland Street and Rugby listed as "genres" in the Air New Zealand entertainment system. Arriving back in Auckland, I grabbed a quick dinner at Mentatz Ramen, which I'm a fan of, and went over to Logan's apartment. He was quite startled when he came back and I was in his apartment, since he apparently forget I was coming back that day and I didn't have my phone to contact him with. What a nice guy for having me stay with him for a while.
I thought it was cute that as you left the holding pen to board the plane, a few people from the tourist agency were there to see you off. They hand you a brochure with a farewell message, a few coupons, and a area where with a few signatures.
There was a gate and a propeller as a sculpture at the airport.
The outdoor holding pen for departing passengers. I chatted with a few people who I've become familiar with seeing them around the island for the past week. There was also some music, and the musicians/dancers set up to welcome the incoming flight.
Eventually, we were ushered outside as the indoor area was converted to a pre-customs arrival lounge. We had a surprisingly long wait here, and the plane just suddenly materialized silently out of nowhere as it landed.
The airport was pretty relaxed. Made it through security and to the waiting area pretty easily. Apparently next week is going to be busier in Niue, with 220 arrivals and only 160 departures on this weekly flight.
At 12:30pm, with one last look at the ocean, it was time to head to the airport :(
I spent the rest of the morning reading over the Lonely Planet book about Singapore/Malaysia/Brunei from 2001 on the bookshelf. Soon, there was a big bustle of cars and general excitement in the streets. Today happens to be the day the monthly cargo ship docks, and the weekly flight arrives, so the entire island nation is in a frenzy of activity.