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2015-10-06: Day 8 of Niue in 2011.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Everyone staying at the hostel ended up at the Crazy Uga Café for breakfast! It was a great view from the cozy café, and it had good food and coffee. Afterwards, the redhead girls staying at Kololi met up with us as planned (with some island time delays) to drive around. Driving across to Anapala, we passed by the high school, a campus of the University of the South Pacific, and Hapuku, which used to be one of the largest villages on the island, but is now mostly deserted. It had a school built for 200 elementary students, which is about the total number of students in the country, and the schools have been centralized. The old school has been converted to a strip-mall like place, housing the village hall, a bar, and a few other stores and facilities.