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2015-10-06: Day 8 of Niue in 2011.
2015-10-05: Day 7 of Niue in 2011.
2015-09-29: Day 6 of Niue in 2011.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

A blurry picture of a dolphin in the air. I noticed I lost my phone around the quarry on the way back and couldn't find it after backtracking. I reported it at the police station, and as I checked back in the next few days, they said the did a patrol around for it but didn't find it. Oh well, I guess I'm almost done with my NZ SIM card anyway, and I'll get another cheap phone if I need it. Chatting with Ira and Brian, they mentioned they still haven't found Brian's missing tools, which they're not sure if they were stolen by people on the island or "gypsy yachties." They also told a hilarious story about how people's shoes went missing so someone put out a pair of easily-recognizable shoes, which led them to catching the thief at the airport before the weekly departure!