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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

28 June 2011:

Evening kava.

We drove through Nadi, which looked modern enough, but all the buildings and stores had disconcerting bars on their windows. After the airport and Raffles Resort in Nadi, I looked to be the only tourist left on the bus. The bus dropped me off at a pitch black road junction, and the chaperone told me Viseisei was about a kilometre down the road. I walked into the dark, with the stars glowing brightly above me. Eventually, I started seeing some lights, and was relieved to see the village. A few kids ran up to me as I entered the village with a hearty "bula!" and walked with me to Fi's house, where a large bowl of chicken curry was waiting to me. I gladly finished it, and the bones were given to the dog. Seems like dogs function a lot like garbage disposals everywhere in the islands, even New Zealand.

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