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Sunday, June 26, 2011

26 June 2011:

Dinner. I heard in interesting story of an American who moved to one of the numerous villages on Naviti after marrying the chief's daughter and thinks he's God's gift to the village. There was also a story some disturbed guests told after seeing villagers kill a dog. Apparently a dog did something bad, so they had the children kill it by tying a noose around its neck, and pulling it as the dog struggled until the rope cut its neck, bleeding it to death.

The wind and rain picked up during the post-dinner entertainment, and I was legitimately concerned that it would blow down the flimsy sheet metal shelter. Retreating to our little wooden dorms weren't much better. After the electricity was turned off at 10:30, we all crammed into a single dorm drinking and chatting together, trying unsuccessfully to ignore the groaning, creaking, and trembling wooden room. We were quite concerned, but with nowhere else to go, we eventually retired to an uneasy sleep under the mosquito nets in our rooms, with the rain blowing through the panes on our windows. I actually had to move my bed to avoid getting wet. All in all, a very interesting night.

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