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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

31 May 2011:

Snorkelling at Aro'a turned out to be much better than expected! I was surrounded by schools of colourful fish, a moray eel, highly toxic stonefish, giant boxfish, and colour-changing fish shifting their schooling patterns and colours to mimic coral and sand (which startled me as I didn't realise they were fish at first). I was intimidated a few times by schools of very large fish circling me very tightly, and a few aggressive fish that came up and nipped at my toes and face mask. There were large urchins the size of my head with long, wavering spines and brilliant neon blues showing through cracks between their jet black plates, and urchins holding pieces of shells and stones for camouflage. One of the highlights was following an octopus as it changed its shape, texture and colours to try to hide from me in a variety of locations. It was absolutely amazing.

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