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Monday, May 23, 2011

23 May 2011:

The nightly store-van, where I bought some bread and cheese after waiting a long time for it by the side of the road surrounded by curious villagers, and flagging it down by running in front of it and waving. The kids seemed to have their own house, and we hung out sitting on the floor eating and drinking pop, which one of the kids contributed. I was bombarded with questions by villagers all evening. The kids also showed me around their village, and told me I was the first tourist they've seen here. I was a bit anxious, as usually people can't just go into a tribe unannounced, and there should be a gift-giving ceremony with one of the tribal elders. However, I met their mom once during the night, and she seemed OK with having me around. Before bed, we tried to exchange contact info, but having nothing to write on, I wrote my e-mail on a tube of toothpaste they handed me.

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